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A good credit card can save you money and increase your buying power. If you’re applying for a new credit card in 2017, consider these top picks. They offer some strong perks, including competitive interest rates, generous signup bonuses and stellar customer service.

Chase Slate for Balance Transfers

Transfer high-interest balances and consolidate payments with the Chase Slate card. When you transfer a balance in the first 60 days, there’s no fee, and you won’t have to pay interest for 15 months. After that, there’s a 5 percent balance transfer fee. Standard interest rates start at 13.24 percent.

Discover It Miles for Travel Rewards

You can’t beat Discover’s 100 percent U.S.-based customer support, especially on Sundays. It’s won the company numerous awards for client satisfaction. The Discover It Miles card uses a 1.5 percent rewards structure. For every $1 spent, you’ll earn 1.5 miles. Rewards can be redeemed for cash or a statement credit on travel-related purchases. There’s no interest for 14 months. Standard rates start at 11.24 percent.

Barclaycard CashForward for a Generous Signup Bonus

Barclays Bank has some competitive credit card offers. The CashForward World MasterCard offers a $100 or $200 signup bonus for new customers who spend $500 in the first 90 days. If you don’t care for rotating rewards categories, the CashForward card has a simple 1.5 percent earning scheme on all purchases. There’s no annual fee, and rewards never expire.

Amex Everyday Preferred For Rewards Points

When it comes to rewards, American Express does a great job. Cardholders can redeem Membership Rewards points for statement credits, gift cards, luxury products and frequent flyer miles with dozens of major airlines. Get 15,000 bonus points when you charge $1,000 to your new card in the first three months. Bonus points are available on purchases at grocery stores and gas stations. There’s a $95 annual fee.

Citi Double Cash for Simple Rewards

If you’re tired of senseless rewards requirements and rotating categories that you never use, check out the Citi Double Cash card. This no-nonsense card offers 1 percent cashback on purchases and an additional 1 percent when you pay your balance.

Capital One QuicksilverOne for Improving Your Credit

Rebuilding credit is a challenge. If your FICO score is in the 600s, consider the Capital One QuicksilverOne card. There’s a modest $39 annual fee, and the interest rate is fairly high at 24.99 percent. However, you’ll earn 1.5 percent cashback on every purchase, so it’s a good step up from secured products.

Capital One Secured MasterCard for Building Credit

This is an attractive option if you’re trying to establish a credit history. You’ll get an initial credit line of $200 when you make a mandatory deposit of $49, $99 or $200. You’ll have the option to make additional deposits to extend your limit up to $3,000. If you make your payments on time for five months, Capital One will increase your limit.

BarclayCard Miles & More for Companion Airfare

The Miles & More card offered by Lufthansa and Barclays Bank offers complimentary companion tickets, and you don’t have to spend $30,000 annually. This card has an $89 annual fee. Interest rates vary from 16.24 to 25.24 percent. Plus, you don’t have to wait for a full year. You’ll get the companion airfare option after your first purchase and another voucher every year. Taxes and fees are excluded. If you spend $1,000 in the first 90 days, you’ll get 35,000 award miles.

BankAmericard for Low Interest

This no-frills card doesn’t have a signup bonus or a rewards program, but it has plenty of perks. Applicants with excellent credit may qualify for an interest rate as low as 11.24 percent, which is one of the most competitive rates available outside of credit unions. There’s no annual fee, and there’s no interest on balance transfers for 18 billing cycles.

Whether you’re looking for rewards points that you will actually use or a balance transfer offer that will help you pay down your debt, there’s a credit card waiting for you. Make 2017 a great year with these offers.